Vantage Health System is a private not for profit 501 (C) 3 charitable organization. In operation since 1957, Vantage is a system of community based facilities and programs located in Bergen County, NJ. Vantage provides services to children, adolescents, adults and elders with mental health, addiction, developmental and eldercare challenges.

The first community mental health organization in Bergen County, we have over 55 years of experience helping people meet life’s challenges. Almost everyone at some time is affected by a personal problem or difficulty that can challenge his or her ability to experience a well-balanced life. Vantage Health System offers a full range of clinical services designed to meet the individual needs of those who seek our assistance. We draw from the experience and diversity of professional and credentialed staff, including board certified psychiatrists, an Advance Practice Psychiatric Nurse, licensed clinical social workers, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, Korean and Spanish speaking licensed professional counselors, registered nurses and many other professional and para professional staff.

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Petition to Save the System that Saves Lives

Addressing the Fee-for-Service Transition: 

Keep State Investment & Involvement

Vantage Health System supports CarePlus NJ’s petition and joins our Bergen County colleagues and mental health care providers across the state in addressing the looming decision by the State of New Jersey to transition to a Fee-For-Service Payment Model.

Although many advocates in our communities have been fighting the stigma against mental health, those efforts will be for naught if individuals and families are unable to access affordable mental health care.

The proposed transition is a tremendous threat to our communities, and our representatives in Trenton need to hear from us! We have asked supporters of the community mental health system to join the fight by signing a petition to get the State’s legislator’s attention.

Our goal is keep the State’s investment and involvement in the community mental health system so that those who need help will be able to be served.

Please sign and share!

Together we can save the community mental health system, and with that – we can save lives.

Thank you!

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THANK YOU to all our Golfers, Sponsors and Donors, We had an amazing time at our 18th Annual Golf Outing! All Funds Collected Are To Provide Mental Wellness Programs for Bergen County Children and Seniors!

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Our sincere, albeit belated, thanks to the leadership and residents of the Borough of Tenafly for their generous donation of $7000 to Vantage. The acknowledgement was inadvertently omitted from our recent newsletter. We are so very appreciative of the borough’ s investment in the overall health of their residents by recognizing that a healthy community includes ‘mental health” treatment. Thank you!

Dumont Mental Health Agency: 7,000 Could Lose Services


DUMONT, N.J. — If the state changes how it funds community mental health services, 7,000 Bergen County patients dependent on medication could be left in the lurch, according to Vicky Sidrow, president/CEO of Vantage Health System.

There are four community mental health centers in the county that provide outpatient services to 30,000 people, said Sidrow. Her agency provides such services in Dumont and Englewood.

“We figured out that, collectively, we’d lose around $8 million,” Sidrow said.

Among them, the four agencies serve 6,000 to 7,000 people on medication for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other conditions, she explained.

If the change takes effect on July 1, 2017, she said, these people will lose their services.

“We are all terrified, seriously. Where do these people go?” Sidrow asked. “Do they end up back on the street? In hospitals? In the criminal justice system?

“Also, we can’t take in new people. We can’t, in good conscience, see more people and tell them their meds are good for a month but then we can’t see them after that.”

For four decades, the state of New Jersey has provided the agencies with contracts of varying amounts that have been negotiated. Now it wants to drop the contracts and instead use a fee-for-service funding model.

Mental health center directors throughout the state have said they’ve used contract money to subsidize low Medicaid rates. They’ve also used it to subsidize people who had no insurance or, as is now the case, those who are insured under the Affordable Care Act but cannot afford their deductibles.

“No one payer —Medicaid, Medicare, even private insurance—pays the full cost of care for mental health,” Sidrow said. “We’ve never had parity with the physical health side of medicine.”

Because heads of community agencies have strongly protested the shift in Trenton, the start date for the change has been moved to July 1, 2017. In the meantime, agencies are raising consciousness in their communities about what could happen .

The fee-for-service system means the only revenue agencies will get is what they bill for, Sidrow said. In itself, that’s not a problem.

What is a problem are the proposed rates, she explained: they don’t cover agency costs.

“What happens when we can’t pay psychiatrists’ salaries anymore?” she asked.

There’s more.

A 30 percent no-show rate is typical in the mental health world, Sidrow said, due to the nature of patients’ conditions.

“They’re depressed, can’t get out of bed. They have schizophrenia. They have anxiety,” Sidrow said.

With state grant money, an agency can continue to pay staff when people don’t show. With a fee-for-service method, an agency cannot.

The staff calls such clients and does follow-ups, Sidrow said. Plus, documentation and paperwork abound, whether a client shows or not.

Other community mental health centers serving Bergen are: CarePlus New Jersey, Paramus; West Bergen Mental Healthcare in Ridgewood, Ramsey, and Mahwah; and Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare in Lyndhurst and Hackensack.

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In Case of Emergency

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate help please go to the nearest emergency room, call 911, or the psychiatric emergency line: 201-262-HELP (4357).


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